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We provided some answers to a few commonly asked questions to help you understand more about our white doves and try to explain just how these beautiful creatures can add inspiration, hope, and peace to any event. It is truly a moment that will take your breath away and be remembered by all who attend.


Where do the doves go after they are released?

Our white doves have the strength, stamina, and homing ability to find their way home quickly and safely. The doves typically will circle the release area to get their bearings, and then fly straight home. They do not stop for food or water. They are well trained to know that their food, water, shelter, and life long mate are waiting for them at home.

How are the doves trained to fly home and far can they fly?

As soon as the young birds are able to fly with the "flock", we begin training releases. We start close to home and gradually increase the distance on the releases until they are able to find their way home from at least 50 miles away. However, homing pigeons can fly home from 100's of miles away with an average speed of 55mph.

The history of the homing pigeon is legendary and how it works has never been conclusively proven. Scientists have conducted many experiments and believe the homing pigeon has an internal navigation system using their smell, vision, hearing, and the Earth's magnetic field. Though history, homing pigeons have flown in WWI and WWII; saving many lives. To this day, Queen Elizabeth II flys homing pigeons from the Royal Loft in Sandringham, England.

Can you release the white doves inside or at night?

We do not release birds indoors or at night. The doves will be released with adequate time to fly home to their loft before sunset. They are unable to find their way home in the dark, which will leave them vulnerable to prey if they must sleep outside their loft. 

What is the procedure for the white dove release at my wedding, funeral, or special event?


It will differ slightly for each event, however a dove release handler will work with you and the photographer to release the birds at the most memorable moment. Usually, after the event the doves are released by family and friends from a beautiful basket or ornate cage.


Will the doves make a mess when released?

The birds fly with their feet tucked under, which usually prevents droppings. If you are worried about droppings, you do not have to hold the birds; you can simply open the cage or basket.

Can we visit and hold the white doves before our event?

Yes, Windsong White Dove Releases will invite you to attend one of our training releases at a local park to watch the beautiful birds take to the sky. At this time,we provide a free practice"hand release" to all who prefer handling the birds rather than a basket release. Dove release equipment will also be on display if available.

How do I reserve a date?

Visit our Reserve a Date page to submit a reservation form. Windsong White Dove Releases will contact you as soon as possible with availability.

Can children hold and release the birds?

Yes, children are welcome to release the birds, however we would ask for adult help with all children 10 and under.

Can we reserve extra birds for photos taken after the ceremony?

As an extra service, we offer birds for photo shoots taken after the ceremony.  Windsong White Dove Releases is not responsible if your photographer fails to capture the shot.  The additional fee of $100 includes 10 white doves and 1 hour of time starting from the end of the ceremony.  Additional time is billed at $50 per ½ hour. Visit our Policy page for more information.

What happens if inclement weather prevents the release?


We will only release our birds outside and in good weather. Inclement weather causes the birds to stop along the way, where they are at risk from a variety of predators. Examples of cancelation due to acts of God are: thunderstorms, heavy rain, wind, fog, and snow. If the release is canceled due to acts of God, all money is refunded. Please visit our Policy page for more details.

Can the doves be bought from a pet store and then released?

Ringneck doves, sold at pet stores, have no homing abilities. They are used to being given food and water, and have no instincts to defend themselves, which makes them easy prey for cats and dogs. Moreover, these birds are not trained and will only fly a few feet when released from a cage. On the other hand, Rock Doves (homing pigeons) are trained to fly long distances and bring excitement and energy to any outdoor event when released by a professional dove release handler.

What type of payments do you take?

We will email you an invoice which gives you the option to pay with Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Debit Card or Check. Once payment is received, Winsong White Doves will send you a payment confirmation receipt.


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We may be reached at 540-631-5932 or by email at Info@Windsongwhitedoves.com
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We offer professional white dove releases with birds that are trained to fly safely home from the following counties in VA:
Frederick, Fauquier, Fairfax, Prince William, Warren, Shenandoah, Clark, Rappahannock, Loudoun, Page

Major Cities and Towns include:
Winchester, Stephen City, Woodstock, Harrisonburg, Luray, Warrenton, Haymarket, Gainesville, Nokesville,
Manassas, Centreville, Chantilly, Middleburg, Aldie, Purcellville, Leesburg, Round Hill, Paris, Berryville, Boyce

Our service area includes the Shenandoah Valley and Northern Virginia.  Please Visit our Service Area Map to see all locations serviced in VA.