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We make every attempt to release our birds to make the moment very special to you. Our concern is also for the safety of the birds so the following guidelines will be followed.

We release only well-trained, healthy, pure white homing pigeons bred from white racing stock. Our white doves have the strength, stamina, and homing ability to find their way home quickly and safely.

Each event will have a least one experienced release coordinator to ensure our doves are being handled properly and the presentation is displayed in a professional manner. Our staff will be dressed in appropriate attire, always courteous, reliable, and arrive early to the event.

We will only release our birds outside and in good weather. Inclement weather causes the birds to stop along the way, where they are at risk from a variety of predators. Examples of cancelation due to acts of God are: thunderstorms, heavy rain, wind, fog, and snow.

We guarantee to return all fees paid when an event is canceled by acts of God, however if the customer insists we appear during the bad weather, expecting the weather to clear, and the release is still canceled due to acts of God, there will be no refund.

We do not release birds indoors or at night. The doves will be released with adequate time to fly home to their loft before sunset.  If the time is getting to close to sunset and the dove release is called off, due to delays either within or outside your control, no money will be refunded.

We cannot guarantee exactly what the doves will do after they are released. The birds will usually fly up into the air after their release, but they may disappear very quickly or they may circle around many times before flying away; although you can always expect the white doves to leave with grace and beauty.

Please be precise as possible when scheduling your release time.  There are many days our birds are booked for other releases.  An additional $50 will be charged for each ½ hour after the scheduled release time.  If Windsong White Dove Releases must leave before the release has occurred due to other obligations, regardless if the delays were within or outside your control, no money will be refunded. 

We require a 50% deposit within 14 days of reserving your date and remaining balance due 8 weeks prior to event.  Deposit money will be refunded if the dove release is canceled before 8 weeks of scheduled event.  However, in the event of any cancellation within 8 weeks of scheduled release, except for the above mentioned, no money will be refunded. 

As an extra service, we offer birds for photo shoots taken after the ceremony.  Windsong White Dove Releases is not responsible if your photographer fails to capture the shot.  The additional fee of $100 includes 10 white doves and 1 hour of time starting from the end of the ceremony.  Additional time is billed at $50 per ½ hour.

Currently, we accept Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover, Debit Cards, and personal checks. However, any additional fees that occur on the day of event must be paid in full with a personal check before our staff departs. If your check is returned, we charge a $35 processing fee.

We will occasionally bring a photographer with us to capture more pictures for our website.  Signing the agreement, gives us permission to use these images on our website, however if you would prefer your pictures not to be released, please let us know at the time of signing the agreement.  

Service Area Map
Typically we release our birds within a 30 to 40 mile radius from our loft in Virginia; however our birds are trained to fly beyond this distance. When servicing an event further away, there may be extra charges due to added expenses in travel. Please visit the service area map by clicking the link below to view our territory. If extra fees do apply, you will be notified with your email confirmation.

Dove Release Service Area Map